#5 Plant for a Hamptons garden in the subtropics

There are many varieties of the Magnolia tree to choose from, and they will all work wonderfully in the Hampton themed garden with their lush dark green leaves and large white flowers.

My pick is the `Magnolia Teddy Bear' for suburban gardens. It is a small feature tree that is very dense in foliage, and can be used as a solo focal point in a garden space or in a run for boundary screening.

The leaves have an interesting copper under-leaf colour that can tie back to other landscape elements such as timber decking or corten steel. These are great around pools, as their large leaves will not ruin the filters and are easy to collect. 

Image : www.boldspring.com via pinterest

#4 Plant for a Hamptons garden in the subtropics

The GARDENIA radicans is a dwarf variety that requires little attention and keeps a small tight form in good sunlight. A great place to plant these is near an entrance or entertaining area so the intoxicating perfume of the white flowers can be fully enjoyed. The roselike flowers almost have a luminous quality in the morning light against its foliage.

Large glossy green leaves have a slight waxy shiny appearance, and looks great next to a taller clipped lily pilly hedge

Image : www.gardensoyvey.com via pinterest

#3 Plant for the Hamptons garden in the subtropics

Agapanthus are a staple in cottage and Hampton styled gardens. As the Hampton feel is predominately green and white, using these interesting border plants along pathways creates a dramatic garden feature during flowering season.  Their ‘firework' like flowers bob in the breeze!

Large strappy leaves to the front of the garden bed will break the visual monotony of a shrub.  Match the agapanthus with the other dark glossy green foliage  

These are extremely hardy plants, and will require little or no maintenance. 

Image : growingnicely.co.uk