Innovation, Detail, Experience.

SEED Landscape Design creates sustainable, lifestyle-focused garden and landscape design across Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba and S.E. QLD. 

We bring to you:

  • Innovative solutions
  • Attention to detail
  • Extensive experience in good design

to improve the aesthetic appeal, enjoyment, and value of your home.

SEED Landscape Design specialises in all aspects of external residential landscape and garden design in the Brisbane area, including planting design, pool design, external structures, storm water management (including overland flow and drainage issues), external lighting and more.

Planting Design

No two homes are alike and each has its own set of challenges and opportunities to take advantage of. We specialise in creating highly personalised landscape design to suit your particular micro climate, and your design aesthetic.

See our Hamilton residence example with it's hot rooftop environment and shallow soil requirements.

Pool Design

Use SEED Landscape Design to integrate a new pool into your landscape design, using our years of experiences with space and flow to ensure the correct location and flow around the rest of the yard. We will also recommend pool fence design to minimise enclosing the yard and maximise outlook. 

Pool-side planting is a big focus for us - we understand the challenges of planting around pools to ensure that the correct plants are used for the conditions, screening issues, and that the aesthetics suit the overall design of the landscape.

Oh, and don't fill in your older-style pool just yet. We have vast experience integrating pool design into the landscape and using innovative solutions to modernise pools. 

See our Rosalie residence example for clever use of plinths to create a modern aesthetic for the exisiting pool.

External Structures

We believe that extending your living areas outdoors creates a relaxed lifestyle that suits our Queensland climate. We can help you to increase your usable living space by extending the building, reclaiming unusable sloped ground, and designing external structures that compliment the overall landscape design.

See our Paddington residence example for creation of external structures to provide outdoor rooms that flow naturally from the main residence and make the most of your property.

Storm Water Management

Easements and water overflow issues can be turned into attractive design features. We create functional and beautiful storm water management solutions that are integrated into your property's overall design.

See our Red Hill residence example for easement design that marries beautifully with the home's native gardens.

External Lighting

Lighting creates ambience and ensures that your garden is functional during darker hours - great for Brisbane lifestyles. We can recommend and install the perfect lighting solutions for your landscape requirements and aesthetics.

See examples of Seed Landscape Design at work in our Projects section.

Tips and Advice

Here on the website we also publish tips and advice for Brisbane gardens on our blog. If you want a seasonal reminder for your garden maintenance and an overview of recent blog posts, sign up to our newsletter right here.


Paul Stein of Seed Landscapes creates exceptional landscape and exterior designs. They are a joy to construct and install. His designs have such environmental awareness and sensitivity for each individual site. He is highly attuned to the requirements of both his clients and their outdoor living spaces when designing their exteriors and gardens.

Roxanne Kennedy-Perriman, Mark Perriman Landscapes


I have worked with Paul on a few projects requiring landscape design and implementation, and have found him to be prompt, competitive and well received by clients. The finished product is always subjective, but when the client is happy, so am I.  Paul continues to be my preferred supplier for landscape design, and I don't see that changing any time soon. Thanks Paul.

Owen Batchelor, East Coast Building Design & Drafting

Contact us to talk through your landscape design requirements and ideas - we would love to hear from you.