Contemporary and innovative pool renovation and garden design.

This landscape-designed garden and pool renovation for a small family in Auchenflower is both contemporary and innovative.  Many elements of this design couple function with form.


The small courtyard is an entrance to the home and is to be used as entertaining and play space. The existing pool fencing was replaced by frame-less glass allows unobstructed views to children in the pool and provides minimal disturbance to the sense of space in the courtyard.

An old link block wall needed a facelift in the renovation. A cover plate of steel was placed over the wall rusting in time, and again, colours consistent with the warm colour palette.

A timber seat was created to allow informal lounging, adding a warm timber design element.


The colour palette of the courtyard was carefully considered.  The light coloured paving was replaced with a darker choice of pavers (from Eco Outdoor) to reduce the glare and to give the entire courtyard a contemporary lift.  Much of the highlighting colours chosen are ‘warm’ tones; orange and reds, to complement the ‘cool’ colour of the building and hard stand area.  


The clients favoured subtropical planting choices but with a modern feel.  Strong architectural plants (Alocasia macrorhizza ‘Black Stemmed Cunjevoi) were used as a focal point and the lower story planting allow the feature plants to dominate.  Where necessary, shade tolerant plants such as native violets were required, their ‘warm’ tones reflecting appropriately.