Pool Design - Surrounds, Part #1

Following on from our previous blogs Pool Design - Location and Pool Design - Fencing, let’s begin to discuss various options for your pool surrounds. When we talk about the pool surrounds we are referring to the surfaces, plants and trees that occupy the immediate space around your pool.  In Part #1 we will talk about decking as a surface option suitable for the Queensland environment.


An excellent consideration for the Queensland climate is timber decking.  It is cooler than pavers and provides a beautiful, softer, aesthetic to your design.  Just like sand between your toes or lush grass under foot, the timber is the perfect antidote to our built, city environments and technology. Being a natural, porous, material timber is susceptible to water damage.  Timber staining or oiling will be required to keep the timber healthy and looking good.  The orientation of the decking should be such that it takes advantage of the full length of the timber strips, making replacement that much easier.  An alternative to natural timber is a new timber plastic composite.  It looks like timber but the maintenance required is significantly less than with natural timber.  Also, fewer splinters!


Stay tuned for our next blog about pavers as an option to surround your pool. Remember, to assist you in making the right choice of pool surround for your landscape design make sure you talk to your landscape designer.

Images: 1 Instagram.com, 2 Urbanite