Corten Steel (lyten)

Corten (or Lyten) is a beautifully contemporary element to use within the landscape. It has a strong ‘industrial’ essence, but also is able to tame modern buildings with its ‘earthiness’. This material works well with both modern buildings and the traditional ‘Queenslander’ or workers cottage. It’s ‘rustic’ nature also works well in Australiana themed gardens. 

120217 422 lomo.jpg

It is fast becoming a popular material used by architects in building design and it is a wonderful product for external use. The rusted red colour mirrors the colour tones of hardwood timber (decking, posts, etc), often used within the building and unifies a design. Un-oxidized (not rusty) on delivery, this can be treated like any other type of steel, giving it freedom for many uses and structure forms. Laser cutting the steel is common and is used as screening or signage.

It also contrasts with the lush greenness of planted vegetation.

Contact me to learn how to use Corten Steel in your residential or commercial landscape project.

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