How To Save Your Lawn

It’s been a very dry winter here in South-East Queensland. How is your lawn looking? If it’s like most gardens in Brisbane at the moment, it’s probably suffering and needs a good drink and some TLC. With rain forecast, now’s a great time to get the process started and make the most of Mother Nature to revive your turf.

Did you know that it is better to water your lawn and plants before it rains? Dry soil and mulch can create a barrier to water, resulting in run-off rather than absorption. Use a soaker hose or fine mist sprinkler for an hour or two before rain arrives, to allow for maximum penetration. Once wet, the soil will absorb the precious rainwater (with its all-important acidic makeup) and allow the drops to reach deeper into the soil.

Another key step before the rains come is to fertilise your lawns well for an added growth spurt. Use a powdered fertiliser (we like Dynamic Lifter) for quick results and water in well. If using slow-release pellets, make sure none are lodged in tufts of grass (or ponds). Be aware that fertiliser can smell very strong – avoid application before family BBQ’s!

You might also consider a lawn irrigation system, which can have advantages. Chat to us about whether it is appropriate for your property.

If you feel that your turf is beyond repair, we also design drought-tolerant gardens and landscapes  without lawn that provide all the benefits of a patch of grass. Contact us to talk through your situation.

Image: Belzberg Architects

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