Why Use A Landscape Designer?

There are many professionals in the landscape industry with different levels of qualification and experience, that provide different services. And at different price points! So why use a Landscape Designer?

Complete the picture

If you have just completed a new build or renovation, it's a shame to let all that time, money and appeal down without completing the project. The building only constitutes 40-60% of your total property and landscaping will aid in removing the ‘construction zone’ image.

Professional Advice

Often, quite unjustly in most cases, clients require a Landscape Contractor to give professional design guidance (although there are certainly some contractors that have a passion for design).

A Landscape Designer has been trained to consider the garden as a whole with their extensive knowledge of space theory and design secrets. (In the same way that an architect designs the building, not the builder.) 

Space Usage 

The use of spaces and how they interact with each other is not visual to the eye, but noticeable when using the space over a length of time. Poorly-designed zone interaction and paths can lead to disused areas in the garden.


Landscape Architects/Designers know the landscape industry; the materials, the wholesale warehouses, the tradesmen, the products, the environment. They can give a high standard finish for less cost due to their experience and knowledge. 

Value for Money 

With savings in accurate plant and material selection, and knowledge of common mistakes, a Landscape Architect/Designer will save you more than the equivalent of their professional fees. 

Solve Problems 

Landscape Designers look beyond your immediate requirements to design flexible outdoor spaces that will adapt with the ever changing needs of your home. Problems can also be solved on paper at an advanced phase rather than during construction, which could result in costly re-building. 

Individual Style 

Each designer has their own style, their own influences and approach. It is worth while taking some time to get to know your designer and determine if you both have the same vision. 

Concept formulation 

Often a client will have a set core of ideas that they want in the garden. This is where a designer plays their most vital role. They will sort through the ideas, and place them in a coherent and economical way to make the most of the space. 

Plans save money 

Landscape Contractors will over-budget for projects if the ‘scope of work’ is verbal and vague. The margin of error from such dealings will be more than the overall cost of a design itself. With a plan to quote from, a Landscape Designer can provide exact rates from precise quantities. 

Easing the Load 

During the construction phase, there will always be issues that arise, but the Landscape Designer is there to settle these on your behalf. The Designer will adapt the landscape plan to suit the changed conditions during construction, to maintain the design's integrity. 

Environmental Conscience 

Most designers have a strong sense of environmental responsibility and endeavour to be conscious of the most sustainable procedures and material usage when designing. 

Conflict of Interest

Often design/construct businesses do not produce the best plan with the client’s needs in mind. The design can be heavily influenced by cheap and easily-constructed elements that are cost-effective for the contractor but not necessarily the best for the property. By contracting a professional Landscape Designer, you are assured an unbiased plan tailored to your actual requirements.

There's a lot to navigate when you first start out. If you have any other questions about what a Landscape Designer can achieve for you, please feel free to contact me.

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