Paul's Favourites: Flame Tree

Flame tree (BRACHYCHITON acerifolium):

There is something amazing about experiencing seasonal change in the landscape. Living in Brisbane's subtropical climate limits the type of vegetation that can achieve that. But we do have the gorgeous BRACHYCHITON acerifolium, which is perfect for our region and provides seasonal colour. 

The Flame Tree is a fast-growing tree providing a rich display of florescent red flowers that cover the whole tree in Spring. It is deciduous, shedding its leaves after the dry season. The large glossy green leaves provide cooling shade while the interesting trunk can become a focal feature of its own. It's a great tree for native gardens and asian-influenced gardens.

This tree is drought tolerant, but can also handle humidity and extended periods of wet.

As climate changes, Queensland property owners in particular need to select vegetation for the long-term that adapts to both dry hot conditions and humid subtropical conditions.

Image: SEED Landscape Design