Bluestone in landscape design

Bluestone (or Basalt) is a strong element in the landscape and a great material to use in Brisbane gardens due to it's on-trend contemporary styling, low environmental footprint, historical significance and increasing affordability.

It is also a very attractive material has a myriad of grey colour tones that work in contrast to lush green foliage. The colour tones work well with a variety of paving materials, such as granite and concrete (precast concrete pavers).

Bluestone is a diverse material that comes in a range of textures and uses - from 10mm gravel to 1 metre plus boulders, from polished flooring to split stone walling. This stone can be used for creek beds, as erosion stabilisation, in gabion walls, crazy pave, steppers in garden, internal and external walling and flooring, and sculpture to name a few.

Bluestone has a lovely raw and untamed quality about it that lends itself perfectly to contemporary designs and contrasts against the humanity of building. It's a great material to use in contemporary and Japanese-style landscapes and looks fantastic with timber, corten, granite and concrete to create a very current, on-trend look.

In Brisbane, Bluestone is a particularly good material to use as it is quarried locally and therefore has a smaller environmental footprint. Historically the stone was used in Brisbane by convict builders - you'll see great examples in Spring Hill, The Valley and the City Centre.

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Image: Huettl Landscape Architecture

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