Number 5

My number 5 favourite park in Brisbane is this little hidden gem that most locals may never have visited, let alone heard of. It is more of a greenway than a park. Located in front of buildings #20-30 Market Street, Brisbane City. Nestled amongst high-rise commercial and residential buildings, it offers professionals working and residents living in the CBD a place for contemplation away from the hustle and bustle. The contemporary twig design seating offers the versatility of individual seating whilst promoting interactivity for groups. The selection of trees provides a soft enclosure in the middle of the built environment. 

Having a private space in the heart of the fast, busy city where you can feel a quietness that contrasts the usual surrounds can help to recharge the batteries.  This sense of sanctuary is important for our home, to take on the world again. This can easily be achieved in your own garden with sensitive design and thoughtful implementation. 

Whether your outdoor space is a small verandah, roof top or ground floor courtyard, the right use of outdoor furnishings and plants can provide a calm sanctuary amongst a lively backdrop. See our blog posts on vertical gardening and roof top terrace for more inspiring ideas.

Image : Seed Landscape Design