Number 4 of my favourite parks in Brisbane

Frew Park Milton, an exciting new park on the former Milton Tennis Centre and Milton Bowl site.  This site is believed to be the place of a lost tidal creek starting in Rainworth and terminating at the Brisbane River along the Milton bank.  There is a large drain that runs beneath the park and it has significant overland flow which at times leaves designated areas of the park boggy after rain.

What I admire most about Frew Park’s design is the way the overland flow has been addressed in such a clever effective way.  Water loving trees, grasses, and sedges have been used through planting design to absorb excess water on the site, or move the water to designated areas. Use of a dry creek bed to direct and control water flow, and massive turfed area to absorb further excess water has ensured that surrounding residents shall be better protected in flood events. 

Many Brisbane properties have similar overland flow drainage issues.  These ‘issues’ can be addressed through aesthetically pleasing and appropriate design like Frew Park, see how they can be addressed using similar principles in an earlier article published.

Image : Must Do Brisbane